Turning orthodoxy on its head -- 15 Dec 2004
By J. R. Pack

This book is fascinating: the author has a very easy style, but which maintains an erudite dignity and very much in keeping with the tradition of such Christian/Church literature, which is to say, it will appeal to the laymen. The writer takes us through the Bible, unearthing discrepancies in the original Hebrew and Greek texts which reveal how earlier translators misunderstood or were a bit liberal with their interpretation. The highlight of the book for me was the historical overview of the treatment of the question of eternal suffering and how modern trends have developed. In a just a few pages, one will soon get details and be well informed. The book raises also important themes such as the problem of evil; something that has long plagued Christianity. For anyone who wishes to follow the latest developments in Christian literature, this book, along with its partner 'Created, Formed, and Made', is essential reading. The author has clearly researched his subject and has assiduously made excellent use of the literature. Hopefully, more people will read Leslie D. Weatherhead after reading this book!

A Must-Buy for Those Who Wish to Gain Greater Insight Into Christianity -- 14 Oct 2008
By J. Farrelly

With a life-time of knowledge and understanding under his belt, Ernest Geoffrey Seddon delivers all that he has learnt in these comprehensive books, 'Created, Formed & Made' as well as 'The Heresey of Eternal Suffering'. The author challenges pre-conceptions about the Creation and Judgement in these books by his careful study of Scripture and showing us The Bible in an entirely new light. As the title suggests, this book shows us the fault in the belief of Eternal Suffering and gives us an overwhelming amount of evidence to back it up. A captivating book from a man who has studied the Scriptures for the majority of his life. Must Buy.

Created, Formed and Made -- 2 Aug 2004
By "e1oh1ym"

This Book is a must for anyone who is studying scripture, either for personal guidance or theological research. It provides the reader with comprehensive reference guide and bibliography. The writer has an easy style which doesn't patronize! He has opened up several doctrines that many have pondered about, and sheds light upon mistranslations of many words which have been by many taken "literally". I unreservedly recommend this book.

Personal review by the Revd John Hillman:

The most important question a person can ask is: 'Was I created by God? Or am I just a freak accident of nature?' Many people think an answer is impossible: we simply don't know. The Bible is the last place they would think of looking because the Creation narratives are seen as nothing but charming survivals of a past culture totally at variance with science. My reading of this extraordinary book (Created Formed and Made), by a retired clergyman in our Deanery, has changed all of this.

Here we have a radical re-appraisal of the church's traditional understanding of the stories through a re-examination of the real meaning of the Hebrew words. So, for instance, the Creation story in Genesis 2 is not a re-run of Genesis 1 with a bit more detail, but a fresh start for mankind in the person of Adam, the first "modern" man with a concience and a soul (about 4000 B.C.)

Read it and you will see that this is not a new version of Creationalist Fundamentalism, still less a Modernist Liberal Interpretation but a meeting of the latest scientific findings coroborated by meticulous textual analysis. Take heart: the style is readable and even entertaining. Those who know Geoff Seddon wil expect this. In a nutshell Geoff maintains (and proves) that the sequence of events in Genesis is entirely accurate, but the church's interpretation is totally wrong.

After you've read the first book you will want to know that he has to say about the church's traditional teachings on Hell, which is no less devastating.

If we talk about Evangelism and a credible belief system, this is a book everyone should read.